Pretty good review on Maximum Rocknroll ‘s site all in all, even if I disagree about the comment on the cover art. The cover art is actually pretty important to the record and isn’t just a stolen image from the internet. This photo is a photo from the beach on the way to their practice space and of course, they often talk about the beach in their lyrics. The band name translates to “beach waste” after all. But I do have to agree that the album art is meant to throw you off and alienate you, not a bad thing, in my book. Anyway, not enough of you in the US have bought this raging raw hardcore punk slab. Shame shame, I know your name. Buy it here or from

Available Now! Hondartzako Hondakinak: Bru├Čarta 12″

Hondartzako Hondakinak LP

Two new releases in a year? I must be on a roll!

Spawning from the northern part of Basque country, Hondartzako Hondakinak return with their debut 12″ after two incredible demos, their stand-out tracks on the MAXIMUMROCKNROLL, Welcome to 2013, and Bordeaux Boredom comps…and finally the fantastic debut 7″ released by yours truly (along with Flower Of Carnage and the band) in 2016. Even though their 7″ went largely unnoticed in the United States, I still stand by my claim that it’s the best 7″ I ever released. This 12″ charges forward with 11 songs of primal, raw, fury in the tradition of raw Basque and Spanish hardcore punk. This is housed in a beautiful full color cover and booklet insert of lyrics, explanations and translations. Mastered by Benjamin Holesapple, split release between Solar Funeral and Destructure.

Stores and distros, get in touch, I deal direct for wholesale, Europe, please contact Destructure.

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