V/A …So This Is Progress? Zine & Flexi compilation added to the distro

$6 – Buy & listen here.

Photo-zine and flexi compilation documenting the hardcore & punk scene through the eyes of Oxnard transplants Erek and Ocean from the band, Body Farm.

The flexi includes 5 bands from Ohio and Pittsburgh:
PEACE TALKS (Pittsburgh, PA)
BODY FARM (Baltimore, OH)

Nukkehammer’ song, Zone Of Alienation is a previously, unreleased track.

Razorblades & Aspirin issue #9 Spring 2020 zine added to the distro

$8 – Buy here . The new issues of Razorblades & Aspirin will make a nice addition to your record order!

“INTERVIEWS WITH JEREMY DEAN (Graphic Designer behind the new book on the Misfits Scream With Me), ALEX HEIR (L.O.T.I.O.N. / DEATH TRAITORS), SIAL (Singapore Hardcore), ROYAL HOUNDS, LIZ ROSE (soundperson extraordinaire) as well as photographers MICHELLE OLAYA (Germany), TEPPEI MIKI (Japan), JARZA (Indonesia), and PHIL MONAHAN (Canada) AND a lengthy article about Swedish hardcore legends ANTI CIMEX around the recording of Absolut Country of Sweden by the one and only 138 from Demon System 13! Plus, photography and a mountain of reviews of new releases across the hardcore/punk world.” -R&A

Available Now! Hondartzako Hondakinak: Bruìarta 12″

Hondartzako Hondakinak LP

Two new releases in a year? I must be on a roll!

Spawning from the northern part of Basque country, Hondartzako Hondakinak return with their debut 12″ after two incredible demos, their stand-out tracks on the MAXIMUMROCKNROLL, Welcome to 2013, and Bordeaux Boredom comps…and finally the fantastic debut 7″ released by yours truly (along with Flower Of Carnage and the band) in 2016. Even though their 7″ went largely unnoticed in the United States, I still stand by my claim that it’s the best 7″ I ever released. This 12″ charges forward with 11 songs of primal, raw, fury in the tradition of raw Basque and Spanish hardcore punk. This is housed in a beautiful full color cover and booklet insert of lyrics, explanations and translations. Mastered by Benjamin Holesapple, split release between Solar Funeral and Destructure.

Stores and distros, get in touch, I deal direct for wholesale, Europe, please contact Destructure.

Listen: YouTube

Order here: Solar Funeral Store

NUKKEHAMMER – A Distant Hissing In Your Ear 7″ finally available now …and coffee mugs?

7 1/2 years after Nukkehammer’s debut 7″, the world only feels like it is spiraling further into darkness at the hands of psychopathic egomaniacs. While our homeland becomes selfish enough to eat itself, this is our blast of shit and noise pollution against the whirlwind. Nukkehammer finally officially releases the second E.P. – A Distant Hissing In Your Ear. This E.P. contains a studio recording of 7 tracks that push the boundaries of what your stereo speakers can handle. 6 of the songs are unrelenting bombastic hardcore punk tunes while the final track hits you with a dirge that tests your resolve. Recorded at CDR by Benjamin Holesapple in Columbus, Ohio, mastered by Audiosiege, cover artwork by Alex Warhead.

Listen: Bandcamp :: YouTube :: Spotify

And for a special treat, for making everyone wait so long, we are also sitting on a monstrous stockpile of Nukkehammer coffee mugs.

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New Nukkehammer 7" and coffee mug