Get Nukked

[transmission 05 16 2018]

Finally getting off my ass and making a new website. This is going to look silly for a little bit. You can still get to the webstore from here. I still have HONDARTZAKO HONDAKINAK 7″s, eat that up before they are gone.

*Collage photo credit: Amanda DeLozier, Chiyori, Jenny Miner, Jimmy Turri, Kyle Folsom, Marius Eriksen, Stephane Belleface


  • HONDARTZAKO HONDAKINAK went into the studio to work on a 12″!
  • GASMASK TERRÖR has called it quits after 14 years, here is a clip from the last show in Osaka on their final tour in Japan. RIP.
  • The full pressing of the second NUKKEHAMMER 7″ is slated to come out some time before the sun dies. Listen: Chainsaw Of Storms


Skemata Sanctioned Genocide EP

[SOLAR026] SKEMÄTA: Sanctioned Genocide 7″

500 pressed | 400 black vinyl, 100 clear vinyl

(2016, Raleigh, NC)

Hondartzako Hondakinak EP

[SOLAR025] Hondartzako Hondakinak 7″

500 pressed on black vinyl with booklet

(2016, French Basque Country – split release with Flower Of Carnage / Beti A Tope)

Urbanoia Psykisk Terror EP

[SOLAR024] Urbanoia: Psykisk Terror 7″

500 pressed with insert | 400 black vinyl, 100 translucent green vinyl

(2014, Oslo, Norway – split release with D-Takt & Råpunk)

Bandit Heathen Rock LP

[SOLAR023] Bandit: 12 Distorted Truth For The Dumb 12″

500 pressed with booklet | 400 black vinyl, 100 pink vinyl

(2015, Kitakyūshū, Japan – split release with Flower Of Carnage / Ratbone – originally released on CD in 1991 by Chameleon Records)

Nemesis Gyoushou EP

[SOLAR022] ネメシス (Nemesis): 暁鐘 (Gyou-Shou) 7″

1000 pressed | 800 black vinyl, 200 white vinyl

(2013, Kitakyūshū, Japan – split release with Flower Of Carnage / Ratbone)

Gasmask Terror 17101961 EP

[SOLAR021] Gasmask Terrör: 17101961 7″

500 pressed | 80 test presses pressed for their west coast US tour, the rest were on black vinyl

(2013, Bordeaux, France – split release with SPHC)

Gasmask Terror Like Daggers EP

[SOLAR018] Gasmask Terrör: Like Daggers 7″

300 gold vinyl, 2nd press

(2012, Bordeaux, France – split release with Flower Of Carnage / Ratbone)

Nemesis Dou-Koku EP

[SOLAR016] ネメシス (Nemesis): 慟哭 (Dou-Koku) 7″

1000 black vinyl, 1st press | 300 blue vinyl, 2nd press

(2011, Kitakyūshū, Japan – split release with Flower Of Carnage / Ratbone)

Nukkehammer Soviet Rust Belt EP

[SOLAR012] Nukkehammer: Soviet Rust Belt 7″

1000 pressed | 900 black vinyl, 100 on clear vinyl, black vinyl copies sold on the west coast tour came with an additional silk screened cover, there were a few with transitional colored vinyl

(2011, Columbus, Ohio – split release with SPHC / Hesitation Wounds)

Gasmask Terror Black Sun Fake Gold LP

[SOLAR011] Gasmask Terrör: Black Sun / Fake Gold 12″

700 pressed on black vinyl | the first 50 or so mail order copies came with a silk screened cover

(2010, Bordeaux, France – split release with I Feel Good)

Nukkehammer The Future Of Siberia CS

[SOLAR010] Nukkehammer: The Future Of Siberia CS

100 black tapes, 1st press | 100 clear tapes, 2nd press

(2010, Columbus, Ohio – split release with Life-Rot)

[SOLAR007] Lotus Fucker / Penis Geyser: split 7″

550 pressed | 50 test presses, 500 black vinyl

(2010, Washington D.C. / Columbus, Ohio – split release with SPHC)

[SOLAR004] Black Dove: December 2005 Demo CS

100 printed

(2005, Cincinnati/Columbus, Ohio)

[SOLAR003] Fighting Dogs 7″

550 pressed | 50 show release test presses, 100 green vinyl, 400 black vinyl

(2007, Philadelphia, PA)

The Awakening LP

[SOLAR002] The Awakening: Eternal Blizzard 12″

1000 pressed with insert | 800 black vinyl, 100 white/blue, 100 clear/black smoke, 200 black vinyl came with Japanese obi and insert

(2007, Columbus, Ohio – split release with Life Under One Tree / Namennayo Record / Steppenwolf Recording)

Dismal Terra Plague EP

[SF001] Dismal: Terra Plague 7″

1000 pressed w/ poster | 900 black vinyl, 100 translucent smoke vinyl, 80 came with a sticker

(2005, Columbus, Ohio)


Current Rotation:

Tragedy: Fury Unleash The Archers: Apex Fairport Convention: Liege And Lief The Tossers: The Emerald City Neighborhood Brats: Night Shift EP Anti-Cimex: Criminal Trap 12″ Black Flag: Nervous Breakdown 7″ Misfits: Beware 12″ Skeletonwitch: Devouring Radiant Light